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Grandpa's Farm
Grandpa's Farm

Grandpa's Farm

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Author : Alan RobinsonIllustrator : Alan RobinsonAge : 3 - 8 years

A Spring Day

Matt is spending his spring holidays on Grandpa’s Farm, ‘where lambs are born and sheep are shorn.’
A beautiful rhyming verse about life on an Australian farm, told through the eyes of a young boy.

A Summer's Day

Matt is spending his summer holidays on Grandpa’s Farm.
Through Matt’s eyes we get an inside look at the joys and challenges of family life on a farm with all the drama of a bush fire.
The story affirms the courage of people young and old when threatened with a bush fire.
A stirringly personal account of farm life.


A Winters Day

Matt is back at Grandpa's Farm. It's winter. Even though the day is cold, there's plenty of work to be done.

Join Matt, Uncle Peter and Grandpa on their Australian farm in this beautiful rhyming story.


Matt has returned to Grandpa's Farm for his Easter holidays ready to help sow the seed for the next harvest.

A beautifully written story in verse about the joys and sorrows of life on an Australian farm.